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Welcome to the Duplicated Genes Database (DGD)

Duplicated Genes Database

The aim of this database is to provide a list of groups of co-located and duplicated genes. These genes could be either tandem repeated genes or groups of genes of multigene families. Several species are available in this database (and more could be added, see contact form). These lists of duplicated genes could be of special interest when you wish to:

  • analyze the expression of genes from microarray profiling experiments,
  • characterize the genomic content of a specific chromosomal region,
  • study the duplication status of a specific gene or groups of genes,
  • ...

You can either fetch the full list of duplicated genes for one species, for a specific chromosome or for a specific genomic region. You can also use the search form to perform a search in the database for a specific gene, using its Ensembl identifier or other identifiers (RefSeq, IPI, UniProt etc.).

Please cite: Ouedraogo M, Bettembourg C, Bretaudeau A, Sallou O, Diot C, et al. (2012) The Duplicated Genes Database: Identification and Functional Annotation of Co-Localised Duplicated Genes across Genomes. PLoS ONE 7(11): e50653. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0050653

The Duplicated Genes Database is currently using the Ensembl release 71 (last update: June 19, 2015) with a total of 37047 duplicated genes in 8778 groups of duplicated genes in 9 species:

Species Assembly Duplicated genes Groups
Bos taurus UMD3.1, 2009-11 3714 798
Canis familiaris CanFam3.1, 2011-09 2615 736
Danio rerio Zv9, 2010-04 5942 1415
Equus caballus Equ Cab 2, 2007-09 4601 894
Gallus gallus Galgal4, 2011-11 1366 493
Homo sapiens GRCh38, 2013-12 3543 945
Mus musculus GRCm38.p2, 2012-01 5588 973
Rattus norvegicus Rnor_5.0, 2012-03 5505 1313
Sus scrofa Sscrofa10.2, 2011-08 4173 1211
INRA Agrocampus Ouest Biogenouest IRISA INRIA Région Bretagne

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